Presidential Award for Chapter Excellence

The PACE Award program started in 1997 to recognize chapters for their positive impact on their membership, their profession, and their community. Chapters are judged on membership, service to chapter members, service to the community, and advancement of the backflow industry. Every ABPA chapter is eligible for consideration and should nominate itself. Our San Antonio Chapter applied and received our first PACE Award in 1999 and has received the award every year since with the exception of 2001 thru 2003. This would not be possible without the dedication of many of the members and the continued attendance at our monthly meetings.

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A New Threat to Water Quality in Texas

There is a new threat to the water quality in the communities that get their water from surface lakes and rivers. It is a tiny-but-highly invasive species, known as Dreissena polymorpha or Zebra mussels, which measure only 1½ inches long. The Zebra mussels starts out as free-swimming microscopic larvae, called veligers, drifting in the water for several weeks and then settling onto any hard surface they can find. They use little sticky threads called a byssus, or byssal threads to attach to things. The byssus grows out of the "back" or hinge of the mussel. They quickly establish large colonies. Zebra mussels compete with native freshwater mussel populations so effectively that the native mussel populations quickly decline or totally disappear. Their destructiveness is conveyed through their ability to attach themselves onto the inside of pipes, valves, pump impellors, and the filter screens used in the collection of the water to be distributed to the industries and residents of the Texas communities relying on the water.

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